On 'Synthesis', Evanescence will make you wonder how you can feel so much at once

Evanescence have been experimenting with their sound since the release of their self-titled album in 2012, playing around with the arrangements of their songs by stripping back their distinctive guitar and drum beats and progressing to a more synthesised orchestral work of art that is melodramatic and brilliantly composed. 

Their new album Synthesis is riveting with its haunting melodies and Amy Lee’s crystalline vocals that convey so much piercing emotion. Her vocals resonate with sorrow, angst and despair, yet they are beautifully refined and persistent as they needle their way into the hearts of listeners. The twists and turns in Synthesis are sharp and heart wrenching, creating a powerful album that’s driven to take the listener on a sensory journey that will both enlighten and unsettle them. ‘Never Go Back’utilises Lee’s vocal range, painting a portrait of darkness and despair with its melancholy strings and the addition of electronic synth to spice things up.

The refined instrumentation in Synthesis is captivating and immersive; it’s intricately composed of intertwining sounds that inspire different reactions. Lee’s vocals are so powerful that they’re liberating; they prove to be a cathartic release of all our trapped emotions and hidden tensions. ‘Lacrymosa’has a riveting orchestral compilation that puts chills up and down your spine, and Lee’s vocals are awe-inspiring in how delicate yet strong they are.

Lithium’ incorporates chiming bells and sorrowful synth. There are haunting piano melodies, and epic breakdowns in the chorus, just to intensify the conflicting feelings that the listeners are already grappling with. As always, Evanescence has thrown their listeners onto an emotional rollercoaster, and effectively enhances their introspective frame of mind as they explore their own interpretations to the music.

Synthesis has that moody contemplative feel; it makes you reflect on your thoughts, your life, and the way your mind and body are responding to the music. It makes you contemplate how someone can convey their pain and anguish in such an artistically expressive way. The classics ‘Bring Me Back To Life’ and ‘My Immortal’are also here, somewhat altered with the addition of synth and string combinations, but still resonating with the same feel since their original releases.

Synthesis as a whole is a brilliant album, filled with plenty of lurching sensations that make you wonder how a band can make you feel so many things at once. Evanescence have still got that raw skill and unparalleled talent that make them such a joy to listen to, and their music will forever impact on the hearts and souls of their listeners.