Suzi Quatro cements her ongoing legacy with her latest release

Suzi Quatro is the woman proving that rock music is only dead if you allow it to be.

Suzi Quatro was the first ever female bass player to become a rock star. She’s also still putting out original material.

The leather laced rock’n’roll you’ve heard from Quatro in the past is embraced on No Control. Not only is it an extension on her signature sound, it’s evident Quatro is having fun. You can hear it on the bouncy ‘I Can Teach You to Fly’ and ‘Macho Man’. However, the crown goes to the track ‘No Soul / No Control’ for its whacky organ and whats likely the most power and energy exerted by Quatro on the album.

She deviates from this tone only slightly with the chilled out ‘Strings’ and salsa infused ‘Love Isn’t Fair’. Though the first half of the album shines, it doesn’t overshadow the bluesy based tracks at the record’s tail end. So really if you’re not a fan, don’t worry, Quatro won’t waste your time.

Quatro is definitely having a ball on this album. Sure, she can’t scream like the banshee she once was, but that doesn’t mean that this album is just a pass – there is down ‘n’ dirty rock’n’roll to play here.