Superorganism’s free spirited performance lights up 170 Russell

Primary vocalist Orono Noguchi is nonchalant and chilled as always, while band members Ruby, B and Soul provided backup singing and whimsical choreographed dancing throughout.

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Dan Soderstrom

Just a day removed from their set at Splendour in the Grass, Superorganism hit 170 Russell with a quick yet memorable performance. With their show clocking in at just short of 40 minutes, the group wasted no time. The set consisted of their self-titled debut album in its entirety, with the track ‘Relax’ being the sole exception.

Superorganism arrived on stage like a group of Satanists. Clad in multi-coloured rain coats, hoods on, holding up small bells. The collective took their positions and began with one of the singles from their album, 'It's All Good'. Primary vocalist Orono Noguchi is nonchalant and chilled as always. Band members Ruby, B and Soul provide backup singing and whimsical choreographed dancing throughout.

Superorganism have shaped themselves as a sort of multimedia project. A carefully timed visual display and light show accompanied the band's performance. Each track featured its own unique edited display, similarly styled to Superorganism's “digital chaos” music videos. Flying whales, galaxies, auroras, iPhones and talking creatures that sing along are just some of the reoccurring motifs that popped in and out with the music. It came together perfectly and shaped Superorganism's colourful technological persona. This is not a group concerned with the element of sound exclusively.

Performances of 'Nobody Cares' and 'Night Time' followed, where the backup singers incorporated fruit shaped maracas. Orono turned around to the rest of the band – “cool, nice one guys, let's play another one”. The rest of them simultaneously gave a thumbs-up and smile. They were starting to look more like an early ‘70s hippie cult.

The crowd erupted to tracks 'SPRORGNSM' and 'Everybody Wants to Be Famous', featuring a Nintendo 64 themed display. At this point someone in the audience offered Orono their shoe for her to do a shoey from. After reports that Orono protested drinking from a shoe during Superorganism's set at SITG, fans at 170 Russell were adamant to lure her in. Orono took the fan's shoe, sat her beer bottle inside of it and drank from it that way. A half shoey…for now.

Superorganism closed with fan favourite 'Something For Your M.I.N.D', which saw the backup singers using oversized tambourines. Orono picked up a basket of fruit and began throwing pieces into the crowd. Nearly everyone close to the stage put their hands up for some, and Orono started taking orders – “you want an apple or an orange?”

As the band finished and took their bows, the crowd continued to press Orono to do a shoey. The fan's shoe from earlier had been sitting on stage the entire time. Orono picked up the sweaty sneaker, teased and hesitated for a moment, then poured the rest of her beer in and drinks it. “Fuck you Melbourne”, she said as she promptly left.

For what was a relatively short set, Superorganism made sure to pack it with plenty of treats. It's clear the band are having the time of their lives coming off their debut release and want to share the fun with their supporters.

Highlight: Orono Noguchi’s shoey performance.

Lowlight: No bananas in the fruit basket.

Crowd favourite: 'SPRORGNSM' and 'Everybody Wants to Be Famous'.