Sunflower Bean's new EP sees the New York band explore the heavier side of '70s rock

This one's a little different to their 2018 album Twentytwo in Blue.

Releasing one of the most acclaimed indie rock albums of 2018 was clearly not enough for New York’s Sunflower Bean, who have swiftly returned with a bite-sized follow-up which demonstrates their prowess for constructing catchy riffs and classic rock hooks.

Where their celebrated sophomore effort drew upon the likes of Fleetwood Mac to inspire their dreamy highlight tracks, King of the Dudes claims its influences from the heavier side of the ‘70s rock that the trio love so much. The title track draws parallels with a punkier form of Led Zeppelin, but comparisons aside, Sunflower Bean bring something fresh to the old rock formulas, discussing themes of death, birth, aggression, addiction, and power. An example comes in the form of stomping highlight ‘Come For Me’, which boldly champions fearless female empowerment in the face of a hostile, night-time scuffle. 

The only thing sorely missed on this rush of musical adrenaline is the softer side to Sunflower Bean, which showed through beautifully in last year’s singles ‘I Was A Fool’ and ‘Twentytwo’. The fact that this trio couldn’t wait a year to put out a new release is exhilarating, as King of the Dudes just shows their determination to rise to the top of indie rock stardom. 


By James Robertson