Who’s in the band? The core of the band is Nick Blackmore and myself, Emily Highfield.  We play acoustic guitars and I am also a vocalist. Our live collaborators are Glenn James (tribal drums), Rose Brio (cello) and Alexandros Lopez (bass). 
What style of acoustic music is it? We are often told we sound like elements of Opeth, Trees of Eternity and Wolves In The Throne Room. References to Chelsea Wolfe and Marrisa Nadler and Agalloch are also made, all of which are massive compliments. I think we bring something new to the genre of doom folk – I would call it neo-folk blackgaze. 
What are you influences? I love atmospheric music that creates a feeling of melancholic uplift – Alcest, Enisum, Hypomanie, Cold World. I also adore female vocalists like Enya and Aleah Stanbridge who use very gentle feminine tones. I enjoy ‘harsh' black metal vocals which are used selectively, as an atmospheric enhancement. Nick Blackmore’s influences are broad and eclectic, and he has a real thing for the ‘90s. 
What do you love about making music? Music has saved my life and continues to save me still. This style of music is for people that feel deeply and understand the urgency and poignancy of life. 
Tell us about your current recording. We’re recording a full-length album Solus Ipse to be released early next year. We’re working with Mark Kelson (The Eternal) as well as Jess Oberin (Greytomb). We’re making our version of music that we love – acoustic elements of metal with female vocals.

Suldusk will perform at Reverence Hotel on Friday October 20 and Sooki Lounge on Friday October 27.