Stereophonics : Scream Above The Sounds

On Scream Above The Sounds, Stereophonics are proving 25 years since forming and 20 years since their debutthey’ve still got it. 

It might not be as immediately addictive as Language Sex Violence Other, but it’s still a solid set of songs. Opening cut ‘Caught By The Wind’ sounds anthemic and big in the electric guitar line, and blends in really nicely to ‘Taken A Tumble’ in which Kelly Jones admits he’s “fallen head over heels”. It might seem a little cringe-worthy, however the vocal delivery sounds incredibly sincere.
Over the years, Stereophonics have thrown up some absolute belters. On Scream Above The Sounds, it feels a little bit like their classic sound is lacking in parts and has been superseded by a modern, more commercial sound. It’s saved however by ‘Cryin’ In Your Beer’ which mixes a Beatles rock’n’roll sound with some gospel vocal harmonies - the guitar line is outshone, however, by a hot and sweaty saxophone solo that will leave you dripping in sweat.
Despite moving in a modern rock direction that both hits and misses the mark in places, Scream Above The Sounds is a welcome listen that will make you want to fall in love with mid-2000 Stereophonics all over again.