Steel Panther : Lower The Bar


If there was ever any doubt from the more sceptical of critics as to the musical abilities of Steel Panther, these opinions are blown out of the water with new release Lower The Bar.
Steel Panther’s X-rated tendencies and flirtatious filth is still present lyrically, but they’ve done the opposite of what the album title suggests – Steel Panther have risen the bar musically. There’s something in the arrangements that really enable you to notice the band’s skill, guitarist Satchel’s acoustic finger picking very bold throughout the ballad numbers. Now The Fun Starts is one of those rare opportunities you can hook in to the crass language of Steel Panther, the sleazy story more obvious over a stripped-back arrangement of more sombre bass riffs from Lexxi Foxx.
What’s really great about this release is how Steel Panther have seemingly risen beyond the realms of satire – Lower The Bar is exemplary of a band who really, are just being themselves and are utterly unapologetic about it – and rightly so. It’s a refreshing mantra for the mainstream, one they should certainly not be criticised for, not when they write songs this good.
By Anna Rose