'Stay' cements Luca Brasi as one of the country’s best rock bands

The Tassie band’s third album If This Is All We’re Going To Be took them to another level, putting them among Australia’s best punk bands. With Stay, Luca Brasi emerge as one of the country’s best rock bands, period.

Stay picks up right where its predecessor left off. The songs are just as catchy, full of riffs and banging drums, while the themes are similar too. If This Is All We’re Going To Be was about realising that right here and right now is it, and it’s probably as good as it’s going to be. On paper that sounds depressing, but it was a strangely optimistic album. Stay is a more adult record, and while it doesn’t feel as optimistic, at its core it’s utterly relatable. Those in their late 20s and early 30s will feel as if the album was written just for them.

There’s a feeling that nothing lasts forever here, but that it’s okay too. ‘Let It Slip’ kicks things off after the instrumental opener. On it frontman Tyler Richardson pines for his significant other, likely due to touring and that being away from loved ones gets harder the older you get.

‘Clothes I Slept In’ is a back-end highlight. It’s essentially a love song, but it’s heavily disguised due to Luca Brasi’s signature sound. It’s one of the most honest songs they’ve ever written and it works so well. ‘Got To Give’ again highlights the differences between approaching 30 and the invincibility of your teen years.

Even if you weren’t paying attention to the lyrics, this would still be a catchy album full of hooks, yet when you factor in the relatable honesty this album is dripping with; it makes for Luca Brasi’s best album yet.