Spoonful Xmas Show

What is it about the annual Spoonful Christmas Show that makes it so much fun? I wouldn't miss this show for the world. It's chock full of Christmas cheer, which puts everyone in the right mood, add some great music, great guests and this all inevitably leads to some very loose shenanigans.
You’ll be DJing on the night with Alan Brough. How do you find the musical dynamic between you both? Surprisingly, we've never DJ'd together before - unless you count at parties. This is a world first. We're going to go song for song. That's the plan. No doubt he'll be making the classy music choices while I will freely bring the cheese.
Where did the passion and commitment come from to make this annual celebration a reality? I get roped in because I'm family, I suspect, not because of my mad DJ skills.  And Christmas isn't Christmas without family, so of course I said yes.
Do you have a favourite observation about how the band plays that we mightn’t know about? I’ve been watching the boys play for most of my adult life, and what kills me, is that initially I was the one in the family who was going to be the musician. I was training to become a classical pianist. Pretty soon it became obvious though that Kit and Andre, with no formal training, have more natural talent in their musical little fingers than I could ever rustle up with years of training.

Myf Warhurst will be part of the Spoonful Xmas Show at The Spotted Mallard on Saturday December 10.