Spoon : Hot Thoughts


Spoon have come a long way since they emerged in the ‘90s as an indie-rock outfit delivering minimalistic, guitar heavy tracks, and after nine albums and 24 years, there has been a definitive shift in their sound.
Hot Thoughts sees Spoon’s progression from simplistic acoustic tracks to synth soaked beats complimented by funky twangs of bass guitar. The album is rich with relaxed electronic sounds, layered with a composition of laidback vocals and falsetto.
The LP dives straight in with the title track, brimming with layers of intricate percussion, electric guitar refrains and synth-pop rhythm. Rather than foraying into high-energy pop rock territory, the album rises and falls with a cool, understated vibe that borders on psych-rock. The second half of the album is where Spoon really find their footing and the depth of their musical experimentation becomes apparent with tracks like Can I Sit Next To You displaying traces of Middle Eastern influence and I Ain’t The One serving minimalistic instrumentals complimented by almost gospel vocal harmonies with some chunky, upbeat sounds thrown in. The album wraps up with Us, a surprising instrumental jazz funk track that manages to perfectly conclude the album.
By Kate Streader