Spend some time with Marcel Heah

When did you first start making music? I started composing when I was 16. There are different hobbies your parents force you to get into when you’re younger, and playing the piano was one of them. I hated it. But then I went to high school. I didn’t fit in and so there was all this repression I needed to unburden somehow.
Tell us about your track ‘Versailles’. ‘Versailles’ was the first song I wrote for my second album, before I even knew that there was going to be a second album. What I want the audience to recognize is that this song is about being in the past, because I’ve found it difficult to stay in the present most days.
What do you love about making music? Playing the piano is like entering a zone of meditation for me, where it’s cathartic and it requires no internal monologue. It’s also nice to direct your mood and attention to the music, things become simpler at that level.
How would you describe your sound? I’m really aware that the genre I play cannot simply be called classical. It’s neoclassical, or minimalistic classical. I always add, “it’s an Erik Satie” kinda sound, or that I hope people can connect elements of my music to a similar style that Yann Tiersen uses. But then again, indie bands influence the mood of everything I write. It’s a weird mix; I can’t ever call myself traditional.

Marcel Heah will release his new single ‘Versailles’ on Thursday August 23. It’ll be available on Spotify, iTunes, and other music platforms.