Spazzys : Dumb Is Forever

The Spazzys debut album, Aloha! Go Bananas released in 2004 was jam-packed with concise pop-punk treats that showcased the trio’s inspired and highly melodic Ramones-influence. Displaying a capacity to both destroy your speakers and make you feel kind of sweet and warm inside at the same time. A legal quagmire appears to have delayed the release of the much-anticipated follow-up Dumb Is Forever causing many of us to fear that that the band (at least as a recording entity) had dropped off the edge of the earth.


The good news is that this 12-track collection has been worth the lengthy wait as The Spazzys have clearly maintained their tight and sprightly musicianship. There are plenty of '60s tinged bubble-gum melodies and ferocious wall-shaking firepower and they still manage to diversify their sound. Songs such as Understand, Dissolution (is the only solution), and the moving Best Waves Ever fully embrace the '60s pop vibe that the band always hinted at, while being so gloriously rockin’ and catchy, that it is physically impossible to resist singing along. The short and snappy guitar solo on the grungy and sinister Creep absolutely sizzles while expertly complementing the thick and corrosive riffs that propel the song. Makin’ Trash is one of the best pop punk songs I have heard in years as it explodes with sassy attitude, features a killer keyboard line and punchy vocal interplay. The feisty and empowered delivery of I Want A Divorce will inspire you to cheer for the protagonist as she snarls, 'Get your hands off I want a divorce/I wanna live like no-one else you know/Don’t get the punch-line you’re just a lost cause/I’m taking everything you own.' Welcome back Spazzys. Your return is triumphant.




Best Track: Makin’ Trash

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In A Word: Triumphant