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Soundwave Launches 3Wise Records

From the team behind Soundwave comes 3Wise Records – a brand new boutique label dedicated to releasing world-class punk, metal and rock music from a handpicked roster of talented artists.

For many years, Soundwave has been a household name. Not only producing the annual Soundwave Festival, the team have also successfully brought to us Sidewaves and countless successful tours. It seems that they're doing everything right, but they clearly just needed something to really hit the nail on the head. Delivering the same passion that they have for their touring artists into releasing records, the gang behind Soundwave have given birth to 3Wise Records – a label of carefully chosen artists.
And, good news! We have the first round of artists that have been welcomed to the 3Wise family! Making giant splashes around the globe, Detroit pop punkers Fireworks will release their brand spankin' new sophomore album Gospel on August 5. The 3Wise Records release will also feature Australian only bonus content including the Bonfires EP, as well as 2 bonus tracks.
If that wasn't cool enough, legendary punk rockers Zebrahead will release their fun new record Get Nice on August 5 as they get set to grace our shores in September/October as part of the Soundwave Revolution tour happening nationally.

But stay tuned because this is only the beginning! There are many more exciting releases to come in 2011. 3Wise Records are distributed by Sony Music Australia.