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Something For Kate : Leave Your Soul To Science

Something For Kate always seemed to exist in their own little bubble. They were never quite a part of the alternative crowd, they were certainly not part of the pub rock scene, and they had enough crossover potential to comfortably support the likes of David Bowie in front of audiences way outside their expected demographic. But they've been away for a while – it's been six years since Desert Lights – and Leave Your Soul To Science could have gone one of two ways: a comfortable walk through previously established moods, or an exploratory journey through new musical terrain. Happily it's the latter.


There's a kind of energy apparent throughout much of Leave Your Soul To Science which is surprisingly youthful and uptempo, given that this is the same band who pretty much own the copyright on low-key Australian introspection. That energy is filtered through a more rhythmically focused drive which is almost the inverse of the textural feel of previous albums like the brilliant The Official Fiction. And Paul Dempsey's guitar work is more direct and focused, rather than atmospheric and jangly like it has been in the past.


There are more definite links to the band's established sound too: there's a certain 'in focus but distant' quality whenever Dempsey double-tracks his vocal parts, and it keeps the album sounding like Something For Kate no matter how sonically dry (Survival Expert) or electronically experimental (The Fireball At The End Of Everything). The overall impression is of an album that takes Something For Kate further forward and further into upbeat musical expression rather than spending too much time looking back and down.




Best Track: Private Rain

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