Solange : When I Get Home

Solange’s prolific A Seat At The Table cemented her as a beacon of black excellence, insightfulness, sensitivity and strength and not only is her music a reflection of these qualities, it is a love letter to all black voices. 

It takes devoted attention and care to appreciate everything that makes up When I Get Home. An eclectic array of artists unite behind every song, ranging from Panda Bear to Scarface. The result is a conglomeration of sophisticated songs that are both playful and serious, joyful and wistful. 

Pride is a key element to Solange’s music and the beating heart of playful bops like ‘Stay Flo’ and ‘My Skin My Logo’. ‘Time (Is)’ epitomises the album’s strengths in marrying pure blissful harmony and rhythms with ultra-tight, glossy production. 

‘Almeda’ is a standout track featuring a propulsive electric drum beat and warm synth layers. Solange’s voice is beautifully moving in its conviction. “Black faith still can’t be washed away,” acts as the song’s mantra and speaks to the sense of comfort and hope that lies in Solange’s artistry.

The consistent theme on the record is one of reflection. Solange muses on her identity in the context of her birth place. WIGH is a sonic depiction of memory – a blend of dreams and reality. It’s about how the past flows into the present.