Snail Mail captures the lull of summertime and teenage heartbreak with ‘Lush’

The aroma of suburban angst in indie pop albums will never go away, as long as we have neighbourhoods. 

Snail Mail, led by singer/songwriter Lindsey Jordan, knows this well. She perfectly captures the lull of summertime, teenage heartbreak, and shallow parties in her debut album Lush.

Jordan’s voice echoes Liz Phair’s. It’s commanding, clear, and so fragile it could break at any time. The singer is honest, and that honesty brings her close to tears, like on the heavenly acoustic cut ‘Let’s Find Out’ or the slow burner ‘Deep Sea’.

“It just feels like/The same party every weekend/Doesn't it?/Doesn't it?” the singer asks on ‘Pristine’. Life passes by for Jordan, as her thoughts shift away from her surroundings and to an ex-lover. The song ‘Heat Wave’ tells that tale. She wakes up in her clothes from the night before, instantly reminded of her troubles from yesterday.

Jordan’s lyrics on Lush are classically adolescent. The hurdles of life at the age of 18 cut through her like a hot knife. But she copes with it one song at a time.