Slowly Slowly

Ten bands everyone should know about:
Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Arches of Loaf, The Front Bottoms, Paul Dempsey, Kevin Devine, Pine Grove, Blink 182, Neutral Milk Hotel
Nine food items that you need to make a kickarse dinner party:
Clag, nail polish remover, laxatives, gummy bears, rice milk, eukanuba (medium breed), watercress tendrils, hubba bubba flavoured vape, fake fruit, chewing tobacco.
Eight possessions that define you:
Multi coloured socks, Jetstar packing tape, Pantene Pro V conditioner, Ernie ball 11's, passata, rainbow gaffer tape, Lavazza gold. 
Seven favourite movies/TV shows that go on your mixtape:
The Dark Crystal, American Pie 1, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Arthur, Jungle 2 Jungle, Eric Andre. 
Six bad habits you can’t escape:
Tasting drinks left in smoking areas, kicking tyres, Borat impression every time I see tortoises, talking about guitar tuning when tuning my guitar, thinking being dehydrated is cool and drumming with cutlery on hot dates.
Five people who inspire you:
Paul Dempsey, Tim Rogers, Kevin Devine, Jacy Catlin, Josh Freese
Four things that turn you on:
Indoor plants, cafeterias, corduroy and sleep ins.
Three goals for your music:
I don't know but our gaols would be Old Melbourne, Pentridge and Port Phillip. 
Two live gigs you’ll never forget:
The Vascoe Era secret show at The Tote- Sids cover of Lost at the Bottom of the World by Tom Waits.
Luca Brasi at The Brisbane Hotel in Hobart- first time I witnessed naked crowd surfing. Beautiful.
One day left before the apocalypse and you…:
Mournfully reminisce all the times I could’ve eaten hot chips, but chose to consume nutritional food. 

Slowly Slowly will play The Workers Club on Saturday March 4.