Slowdive : Slowdive


Picking up where they left off in classic shoegaze fashion, Slowdive have returned with their first album in 22 years. Slowdive is no dramatic departure from the band’s much loved dream pop, but it’s clear that they’re sounding more rejuvenated and as a result, more impactful and blissful than ever.
Slomo eases the listener into the album with an ambient synth before introducing melodic guitars along with Rachel Goswell’s distinctly delicate vocals. The guitar tones on Star Roving are buoyant and confident, the track readymade for a blistering live performance. Don’t Know Why is driven by some impressive drumming as Goswell and co-vocalist Nick Chaplin weave magic with their words. Sugar For The Pill is an introspective number that has the band stripping things back before bringing it back up on the jubilant Everyone Knows. Another particularly memorable track is the striking Don’t Know Why which features a collision of dissonant guitars as Chaplin’s vocals grow more urgent. The gentle piano on Falling Ashes brings the album to a sombre conclusion. Clocking in at just over eight minutes and leaving the listener feeling close to weightless, Goswell and Chaplin sing in unison to rousing effect.
By Holly Pereira