Slow Fades' 'Canyon Songs' transcends regular consciousness

Slow Fades are forging themselves a reputation.

Slow Fades is the type of escapism any inner city hipster type should listen to. After years of treading the skid row live circuit, Slow Fades achieve a slack magic. At the tail end of 2018 they sound not so much as they’re of a different time, but rather from another planet altogether. For that reason they may remain overlooked. However, given the band members’ pedigree, this EP is like a gateway into an entirely more beautiful world.

It is predominantly a superb and occasionally perfect listen. Slow Fades seem to have found a special niche. Often, the isolated lyrics on tracks such as ‘Eucalyptus’ offer a partly nightmarish and partly glorious journey. 

‘Fail, Fail, Fail’ sees the band “Check into the Heartbreak Hotel” and drags you into guessing whether the vignette about a legend-turned-loser will end well. Listening to the record, you feel as if the band have the view that the world is out to get them, and their enemies will not be satisfied until Slow Fades are seen off. But songs like ‘My Damn Life’ and ‘Vikings’ are a slick proposition which bring the ragged glory to the fore. Canyon Songs makes you want repeat listens.