Sleepy Dreamers

Who are we chatting to? Matt – vocals and drums.
If you could no longer be a musician, what would you do? We’re all lucky enough to have come from bustling careers in professional sport and would not turn down another run.
Would you rather be able to play any instrument in the world naturally but be unable to write creative lyrics, or write the most beautiful lyrics in the world but be unable to play any instrument?I am infinitely jealous of all three of my bandmates and many friends who can all write beautiful lyrics.
Which rockstar do you think you could keep up with in regards to partying?I hear Mac Demarco does some fun things with drumsticks.
How do you prepare for a show? Nothing out of the ordinary, usually by having the right amount or wrong amount of beers (sorry Sabi).
What has been the biggest fuck up you’ve made during a live performance? How do you usually handle mistakes?All the usual mistakes, nothing too outrageous. Handling it can vary from seamless to the outright shocking, we usually try to wrap things up pretty quickly at that point.

Sleepy Dreamers will play the Workers Club on Thursday December 22 with The Adelaide Crows and Arbes.