Sky Music

What should musicians look for when buying a first guitar? The one piece of advice we could give to musicians looking to buy their first guitar is not to be afraid to spend a little more if it means, first and foremost, you are getting an instrument you will enjoy and feel comfortable playing. A ‘beginner guitar’ in our books would be the most expensive guitar we have in the store. An experienced player will be able to make almost anything work, whereas you want to make the learning experience for a beginner as easy and enjoyable as possible.
What should they look for with their first 'serious' gigging instrument? Gigging musicians are always looking to refine the tone and reliability of their gear for their personal taste.  It always pays to look at the finer details when considering a gigging instrument, too often overlooked are the things found ‘under the hood’ –  for example the different types and quality of pots, capacitors, switches and wiring.
How does coming into your store differ from shopping online? Nothing beats good ol' firsthand experience when searching for ‘that’ guitar. Too often we see punters lost in specs of a guitar rather than finding a guitar that feels and sounds right. Choosing a guitar should be an organic experience, no spec sheet will be able to tell you if a guitar is right for you. More importantly by coming to a store you get to try out new gear and have fun.
How do your staff help punters find the instrument that's right for them? We believe the best way we can help punters find the right instrument is by creating a comfortable environment where they can really experience everything the gear has to offer. We are happy to let punters try almost any instrument in the store for as long as they may need. From musicians that want to chat gear to those that want to try gear in a quiet space, we tailor our services to every need.
Is it ever too late to pick up an instrument? Never.
What sets your store apart from other music retailers? Our huge range, enthusiasm and witty banter.
What services does Sky Music offer outside of instrument retail?  Guitar setups and service, piano tuning and servicing and music lessons.
Tell us about your range of instruments and what is unique about it.  We have the largest range of Paul Reed Smith, Gretsch, Fender Custom shop collection in the country and everything in between. Check out our huge lefty guitar walls.
What plans do you have for the future of Sky Music? A long awaited, new and updated website, a new drum department is coming to Sky Music soon, and more Custom Shop Fender, Gretsch, PRS and Gibson guitars than ever before. We're aiming for the best collection in the world.
If there was one item in the shop that you could take home with you, what would it be? 
Aaron: Gibson 57' True Historic Les Paul Custom
Alex: G6136 Stephen Stern Masterbuilt 1955 Gretsch White Falcon Relic
Andrew: Martin Authentic 1931 OM28
Stephen: Martin D-18
Anthony: Julius Bluthner Model 6 Grand Piano

Sky Music is located at 4/2181 Princes Hwy, Clayton 3168.