Skegss : Holiday Food


It's no surprise the Skegss boys are consistently on tour because with the easy-breezy, catchy hooks in Holiday Food it's the kind of release that caters for all palates and needs to be ceaselessly enjoyed.
The weather is cooling off but summer doesn't stop. Amidst the autumn changes, Spring Has Sprung bounces around with upbeat vibes and promises of positivity throughout the album – Skegss begin as they intend to continue.
Throwing it back with an element of nostalgia, Got On My Skateboard reminisces youth, celebrates life and address the impending responsibilities of adulthood with floating carefree riffs. Tying in well with closer No Future For Me, Skegss display a note of maturity amidst their beach rock mantra, albeit a seemingly reluctant one.
It's super easy to lose yourself in Skegss’ music and by playing the EP over and over, maybe, just maybe, the infectious positivity of Holiday Food might be enough to coax the sun back.
By Anna Rose