Skate punkers FIDLAR land a gnarly kickflip with the ambitious 'Almost Free'

The LA outfit have stayed punk by in fact, not staying punk.

For long-time fans of LA skater punk band FIDLAR (Fuck It Dude Life’s A Risk), watching the band’s sonic aesthetic evolve has been a trip. Beginning with 2013’s self-titled debut that combined Suicidal Tendencies-like frenzy with Pennywise’s ‘bro-ness’ and featured the incredible ‘Cheap Beer’, then came 2015’s Too that saw a band that writes music for skateboarders do a figurative kick-flip with the song ‘40oz. On Repeat’.

Now at the very beginning of 2019, the band almost mock the concept of a “pop” album by producing a totally “punk-pop” album as opposed to a pop-punk album.

The first two ‘Alcohol’ and ‘Too Real’, were interesting but didn’t exactly break the mould. However the third single, ‘Can’t You See’, had some fans wondering whether they had been punked with this track sounding more like The Kooks than anything FIDLAR had ever recorded before. 

Opening song and title track, ‘Get Off My Rock’, has the band sounding just like Beastie Boys on ‘Licence To Ill’ with Zac Carper rapping about protecting his local surf break, “You can park your car anywhere you want/But by the time you get back a lot of shit’s ripped off.”

One could contend that on Almost Free FIDLAR have stayed truly punk by in fact, not staying punk.