Sitting Down With Unpainted Prospects

Could you talk about the story of your act? I write the songs and I have a rotating lineup. You could say it’s a bizarro Goldilocks and the Three Bears. For some songs this player’s too hot or that player’s too cool. But everyone brings something to the table. Not porridge.
How did Boxing Day’s Ails come together? I wrote most of it on Boxing Day a couple of years ago. I’m not a monarchist, so I was surprised that in the Queen’s Christmas speech I heard something that I wanted (and still want) to hear from our political leaders in this country: a message of reconciliation and basic respect for others. I like songs that start from an honest, human reaction like that, and as a writer the words flow a lot more easily.
What made you choose Boxing Day’s Ails as a single? I sometimes call this “a protest song against myself” – it’s about shaking out of complacency about the state of the world. The rest of the Night & Day EP (coming soon) are more personal stories. With recent events in the USA and the malaise we’re all feeling, it felt like the right time to get this one out there.
If each band member was a variety of vegetable, which vegetable would they be any why? I’m going to take some liberties and cook these up for you. On the Boxing Day’s Ails recording, your Christmas lunch comprises Richard Andrew on drums and beets (roasted with olive oil and rosemary), Andy Pap on double bass and eggplant (grilled with miso paste), my brother Alf on harmonica and sweet potato mash, finally Kylie Morrigan on violin and home-baked kale chips.

You can download Unpainted Prospects' latest single Boxing Day’s Ails for free via bandcamp.