Singles: Nick Murphy, Mezko, Big Smoke & More

This is the best week of my life. No matter what happens on Saturday, I’m bloody proud of the mighty Doggies. Having said that, a win would be pretty handy. Dare to dream everyone. Cede Nullis, Dogs. Cede Nullis.


There comes a time in every young artist’s life when they realise the band/artist name they’ve chosen is a bit shit. Usually it gets changed before they crack the big time. Tricky Nicky copped it stiff with his breakthrough as Chet Faker, but he’s made the big call at this stage of his career to go by his real name. Which puts an end to my long-running Chet Faker (real name…) gag. It’s the end of an era. Anyway, this song sounds heaps like Radiohead ay. It’s pretty good. Now please never perform No Diggity live again Nicky.


DONNY BENET : Working Out

Donny Benet meditates on a slinky bassline on Working Out, an ode to “healthy bodies, healthy minds.” It’s vintage Donny, sending the mercury rising with pure physicality. Everything’s in the right measure, at times feeling outright coital. Maybe it doesn’t hit the heights of his more up-tempo cuts, but when it syncopates, it’s hypnotising. No word on another album yet, but more of this please.


MEZKO : Trust

Sydney duo Mezko bridge the gap between ex-punk techno and punk with Trust, rising above the throng with a gritted determination. It draws you in just to knock you out, and it does it damn well. Trust achieves the uncanny ability to draw on a myriad of distinct influences while sounding quite like nothing else. It’s a fucked Madchester industrial punk electronica little number, commanding more than a few repeat listens.



BIG SMOKE : Best Of You

It’s impossible to divorce Best Of You from the context of much-adored singer Adrian Slattery’s passing, the track, and upcoming album Time Is Golden written and recorded after a terminal cancer diagnosis. Best Of You is a corker, sheer triumph bleeding through every note. It’s a pure form of songwriting, crafting a chorus that does everything a chorus should do. This is legacy.