Singles With Lachlan:Terry, Dan Sultan & More

Anyone else sensing a strong Lynchian influence on this new Twin Peaks show?

Single Of The Week

Terry : Take Me To The City

A reverence for melody opens up Take Me To The City, clearing into mellow powerhouse moments dancing in a swirl. Elements transpire to set up a chorus cry that swells the heart, and hey, you can dance to it. It’s trite to use Velvet Underground as a touchstone for description, but I’ll make an exception and use the high-points of Loaded as a reference here. Taken from the new LP Remember Terry, out at the end of next month.


Dan Sultan : Hold It Together

Not a step back from previous single Magnetic, but not exactly a step forward. There are moments where Hold It Together feels great, like there’s a piano-led soul gospel belter hiding beneath the surface but only popping out to tease what could have been.


Rac ft Rivers Cuomo : I Still Wanna Know

RAC’s production goes all-in on ‘80s nostalgia with driving bass and pyrotechnic-laden guitar. It’s corny as hell, and Rivers’ guest spot here makes perfect sense in that regard. The tacked-on minimalist synth coda is a tidy palate cleanser.   


Muse : Dig Down

Doubling down on dubstep wubs in 2017 is actually impressively bullish, as is the indulgent Queen-invoking wankery. Affront to good taste aside, the boorish bravado loses impact due to the same tricks being pulled by the band in 2012.