Singles With Lachlan: Wet Lips, Sampha & More

Get Mike Myers on the blower we fucken need Austin Powers 4 stat.

Single Of The Week

Wet Lips : Can’t Take It Anymore

A missile of an anthem buckling at the pop rivets, Can’t Take It Anymore is a focussed, powerful blast of inspired energy. Ittalks the talk, walks the walk, and doesn’t put up with any shit in the process. It’s music with a simple but important message.


Native Cats : Soft Chambers

A message of hope through uncertainty, Soft Chambers sees Chloe Allison Escott nestle above skittish bassline slink and scattershot snare, briefly breaking the fourth wall. It’s a dynamic that requires alertness. Alertness is good, sometimes.


Syd : All About Me

Making a play to join Franky Ocean on the top-tier echelon of Odd Future alumni, The Internet’s Syd goes solo for the smoky-cool All About Me. No huge hooks – it doesn’t really need it. Measured, with a potent sentiment.


Sampha : (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano

Parentheses at the beginning of a song title, don’t really see it happen that much in this day and age. Well done for keeping the torch burning, Sampha. The track is a beaut, personal balladry done with class.