Singles With Lachlan: Two Steps On The Water, Slum Sociable & More

Big hearty hooroo to gun Beat editor Cara. Thanks for publishing my shit.


TWO STEPS ON THE WATER : A Little Bit Scared

An understated propulsion flows throughout A Little Bit Scared, cascading violin melodies conjuring a whirlwind. Here, Two Steps On The Water feel in control of chaos, surreptitiously exploding into throes of passion from intimate lulls. Equal in its comfort and raw emotion, A Little Bit Scared is a little bit scary good in its ability to impact.


CURVES : Perfumery

A few flashes of warped John Maus-ness thread Perfumery, inviting a not entirely flattering comparison, but there’s enough here to stand on its own feet. The yearning platitudes stick, its vivid ‘80s touchstones do the trick. It’s a case of doing too much being just enough towards the close.


DRAKE : Fake Love

I guess this is a good place for Drake to be at right now, a breezy track, returning to the well of tight production from recent high watermarks. A decent hook tempered by typical Drizzy melodrama. No ploy for reinvention, old mate Aubrey is just keeping on keeping on. And it sounds pretty nice.



The vocals here do the trick of sounding a bit like Thom Yorke but not enough to say “Hey, this cunt is just ripping off Thom Yorke,” and the sonic-smithery treads the line between interesting and too busy. Tidy stuff.