Singles With Lachlan: Two Steps On The Water, Haim & More

Thankful reacts only.

Single Of The Week

Two Steps On The Water : A Very Hot Shower

Tapping the emotive well that is waltz requires a touch of precision to hit the spot. A Very Hot Shower hits the spot, punctuating frequent key moments with delicate flair. Understatement is garnished with impactful lyrical echoes from the pop canon. “Hold me closer tiny dancer,” is a line with genuine emotion in its original context. Here it feels like you’re in that embrace.

Haim : 
Right Now

Haim shoot for the stars on Right Now and largely realise their celestial aspirations. It almost sounds like post-rock. Except not completely boring. If you’re more than one dingbat deep at Splendour when this is played expect to be throwing your arm around your mate telling them “I fucken love you,” in between the “Right now, right now” call and response. That’s what it’s all about folks.

Grizzly Bear : 
Three Rings

The greatest achievement on Three Rings is its ability to not sound overcooked while heaping in new sonic elements. A folk song at its heart, viewed through a kaleidoscope. And, it works.

LCD Soundsystem : 
Call The Police

LCD Soundsystem pick up where they left off on Call The Police. A curious strategy, after the grandstanding farewell of Shut Up And Play The Hits. Could be a This Is Happening offcut, replete with Bowie-in-Berlin theatrics. It feels a bit pointless, really. Or at worst, a ploy to reignite the flaccid false start at a live comeback last year.