Singles With Lachlan: Sui Zhen, Bad//Dreems and more

Folks I forgot to get Adele tickets and I’m willing to concede that was a major fuck-up on my behalf. Sorry.

Single Of The Week

Sui Zhen : Calm Winds

There’s a touch of deadpan in the title of Calm Winds, seeing as the track features extremely calming woodwind – reaching outside the palette shown on Sui Zhen’s 2015 album Secretly Susan, to great effect. It’s an enticing, contagious arrangement – one that you can almost breathe in. Fresh.


Time For Dreams : Stranger

Paranoia is pushed to the point of extreme whisper on the lingering Stranger, economical in its capability to bottle dramatic tension. A steady build into a soar hones a narrative structure, punctuated by rhythmic gasps.


Bad//Dreems : Feeling Remains

The video for Feeling Remains sees Bad//Dreems take something from the past (Recovery) and, well, that’s the extent of it. No new, added context. Nostalgia alone doesn’t equal art, but I guess if it’s a thesis statement on their songwriting approach, it’s a rather brilliant visual accompaniment.


Drake : Passionfruit

A breezy low-key house jam, Passionfruitis a pleasant, if not revelatory, entry point for Drake’s sprawling (and accomplished) new album-that-isn’t-really-an-album-it’s-a-playlist. The production is more in line with Melbourne producers Andras Fox or Oscar Key Sung. It’s strange hearing the style put forward by a pop megastar. A good kind of strange.