Singles With Lachlan: St Vincent, The Belligerents, & more

Between new Twin Peaks and 17776 I’m happy to say that I’m spending this financial year with my head well and truly done in.

Single Of The Week

St Vincent : New York

On New York, Annie Clark chooses not to fire her trademark weapon – a blistering cityscape of guitar pedals. Instead, we have a tender ballad that strips back at its climax, feeling like it could either be a Manhattan after-dinner serenade, like John Legend’s Master Of None cameo, or a tender post-coital profession of sweet somethings. It could mark a slight paradigm shift for St Vincent, that the next LP might be a sidestep out of the established comfort zone. 


Banoffee : Ripe

Reviving recently expired trends such as pitched-down vocals and blown-out trap breakdowns seems like a counterintuitive ploy, but Banoffee somehow threads the components into a pop excursion that retains interest. The dynamic works, but only just.


The Belligerents : Flash

The all-in embrace of synth-adorned Madchester on Flash feels good. The chorus cry of “Open your heart / Let love in” however, feels amazing. The communal euphoria lays risk of sinking to mere platitude, but The Belligerents stick every landing from build to bridge to fill to lift-off.


Private Function : Spontaneous Combustion

An economical burst of rapid jabs, Spontaneous Combustion does everything it needs to do – barebones riffs, a chorus where the song title is yelled out. It hits the spot. Sometimes that’s all you need.