Singles With Lachlan: Spod, Childish Gambino & More

*sung to the tune of Paul McCartney’s Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time* I’m simply having a wonderful Christmas time.


Spod : Boys Night

This boys’ night anthem keeps it so simple that it would be outright silly if it didn’t nail the elements, and it nails the elements. It’s funny without being too jokey, dissecting bloke-ness with the right balance of satire – not veering to dumb-shit celebration that runs all too rife. It’s like an Australian version of Randy Newman’s I Love LA. It sounds good, it sounds dumb, it sounds smart.


Childish Gambino : Redbone

I’m not totally feeling the new Gambino album – but I can get around this track. Unlike the majority of the LP, Redbone channels heavy influences into something more distinctive as Donald Glover’s own creation. It’s a Prince imitation, but an alright one, at least, and the P-Funk worship is explicit with a heavy Bootsy Collins pseudo-sample.


Gum : Gemini

Pretty chill, pretty wavy, the stop-start dynamic isn’t a total winner, but the Satan-level pitch-shifted vocals sound pretty sick when they kick in. Bassline is more than a bit tasty, too.


Run The Jewels : Legend Has It

Killer Mike and El-P return to the well for a cut from their upcoming third LP as Run The Jewels, and I dunno, the timing seems a bit off for self-serving braggadocio. Spends a bit too much telling us it’s a classic rather than being a classic.