Singles With Lachlan: Shouse, Totally Mild, and more

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Single Of The Week

Shouse : Love Tonight

Embracing the form (and forgoing the conceit) of all-in charity singles, SHOUSE enlist a procession of Melbourne vocal talent to exchange earnest lines. There’s no joke at play, beyond the act of utilising a historically tasteless premise in a tasteful manner. The joyous chorus is tempered by a gnarled minor key bassline.


Totally Mild : Lucky Stars

Following the pulsating Her lead single ‘Today Tonight’, ‘Lucky Stars’ presents a sparse piano ballad, hitting the mark with deft, if not spectacular, melody. A bit like heading to the country to avoid light pollution, only to have a touch of cloud cover in the night sky. The subtle background reverb could have the makings of full Enya-core, which I’m all here for.


U.S. Girls : Velvet For Sale

A brilliant, smoky concoction of disorientating elements, navigating between mellow and menace. Delicate touches from U.S. Girls, AKA Meghan Remy, serve her more cauterising tendencies on ‘Velvet For Sale’. The result is dizzyingly satisfying.


Amaya Laucirica : All Of Our Time

Moving with a nostalgic grace, ‘All Of Our Time’ begins with the air of an ‘80s credits-roll soundtrack. It’s a mood which carries throughout, compounded by a sentiment of assurance with moments of full-blown dream-pop in the chorus.