Singles With Lachlan: Sampa The Great, Gold Class & More

Yeah, there’s a shitload of new tracks that came out this week that I didn’t have space to squeeze in here. Just be patient, I’ll get around to it. Please don’t form any autonomous opinions on new LCD Soundsystem, Haim and Grizzly Bear until then.

Single Of The Week

Sampa The Great ft Estelle : Everybody’s Hero

The inclination for self-empowering anthems tends to be going all out with hollow bombast to angle for that sweet, sweet reality TV licensing coin. Sampa The Great achieves a fairer honesty on Everybody’s Hero, connecting with mellow Rahki production, and a guest spot from Estelle. It doesn’t aim for the stratosphere. It gets on your level and looks upward.



Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders : Susan

Either doing too much or not quite enough, Susan doesn’t quite do itself justice. It lacks the panache of the many highlights from most recent album Playmates (though it flirts with that aspiration in the bridge), and it doesn’t strip itself bare to ‘80s/’90s Leonard Cohen levels – but comes frustratingly close. The elements are there. They’re just a bit muddled.


Gold Class : 
Twist In The Dark

Gold Class stick to the formula on Twist In The Dark – barrelling momentum, swathes of guitar menace cutting through in measured stabs. It works, even if it does lay susceptible to being perceived as a polished remaster of what was present on 2015’s It’s You. It’s a pass, but more dynamism on album number two will be needed to stave off diminishing returns.


Darcy Baylis : 100 Days/Empathy

Following up his stellar full-length Intimacy & Isolation, Darcy Baylis traverses further into emo trap with woozy introspection. He hits the mark both as producer and vocalist, with influence from Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, working in Darcy’s favour.