Singles with Lachlan: RVG, the xx & U2

Here’s some bonus film criticism to start off this week’s column: I hereby formally invite Darren Aronofsky to suck a fart out of my arsehole.

Single Of The Week

RVG : A Quality Of Mercy

There’s an adage in the music biz along the lines of ‘If it’s nice, release it twice.’ RVG’s debut album A Quality Of Mercy was very nice upon its initial release earlier in the year, since disappearing from the internet ahead of it being released twice. The title track bounds with detached urgency, its swirl of chiming guitars harking to the golden age of Australian guitar pop, which might be now, setting up the belter of an opening line in “Guess what? It’s pretty unfair/They’re gonna give me the electric chair.” RVG turn death row into a goldmine.


THE xx : On Hold (Jamie xx Remix)

There could be a touch of conceit present in the concept of a band double-dipping with a remix from someone in the band, but the resolution between the worlds of The xx and Jamie xx has been beneficial for both projects. I’d even go as far to say it’s been vital since the trio’s forgettable second album Coexist. This remixx hits the mark, exacerbating the club subtext (clubtext) of the original featured on I See You into a full-throttle house banger. Just putting it out there, when Jamie xx remixes The xx, the result should be released under the moniker ‘¿Porque No Los Dos Equis?’.


U2 : You’re The Best Thing About Me

Ramping up sentimentality should render this as unlistenable shite, but U2 manage to pull it off as moderately listenable shite.