Singles With Lachlan: Nun, Lazertits & More

Thank you Leonard. Say g’day to Hank, up there in the Tower Of Song xo.


NUN : Can’t Chain

A canny tightrope between detached cool and focused propulsion, Can’t Chain initiates with an elevating sense of grandiose before kicking into overdrive. It’s a dizzying, melodic spell, jack-knifing melodic shifts inferring glee without sounding gleeful. The more you immerse yourself in Can’t Chain, the more it rewards. New album The Dome out early 2017.


LAZERTITS : Boss Bitch

Sick garage riffs and a string of tightly woven empowered slogans come together for a salt rock blast of feel-good rock‘n’roll. An anthem that’ll stick around in the noggin’, making a welcome stay.


NICK MURPHY : Stop Me (Stop You)

Nick Murphy (formerly known as Muscles) further stretches his limbs in a promising new era of reinvention, going all in on his ability to be a bit daring with his tonal palette, making some dissonant components come together for something digestable. This is the best song he’s written.



Tension without release defines Rattlesnake, meditative but never dull. Dunno if they’ll bust this out at Meredith, but reckon there’s potential for an all-time Supernatural set all the same.