Singles With Lachlan: Milk Teddy, Kirin J Callinan & more

Anyone checked out that new web-based Australian rule football program Bump? Groundbreaking stuff and very much worth viewing, liking, and subscribing and sharing the link in your group chat. Just my $0.02.

Single Of The Week

Milk Teddy : Rock ‘N’ Roll Cretin

Well this is a pleasant surprise. Milk Teddy return long after their debut album Zingers, this time letting the songcraft breathe on Rock ‘N’ Roll Cretin instead of swamping with washed out production. The postscript jam is a bit silly, but sometimes silly jams are good for the soul. New album Time Catches Up With Milk Teddy out Friday August 11.


Nick Murphy ft Kaytranada : Your Time

Your Time sees Nick Murphy (formerly known as Nicholas ‘Murphdog69’ Murphy) team up with Canada’s Kaytranada for a brooding cut that marks a more conventional single than Murphy’s previous post-moniker releases. Something of a middle ground between the soaring Stop Me (Stop You) and what came before. While it isn’t great, it works in the context of new EP Missing Link presenting as just that: a stepping stone to the next chapter.


Kirin J Callinan ft James Chance : Down 2 Hang

Pushing metaphor and entendre to extreme lengths, Kirin J Callinan uses a simple base premise to cover sex, death, and religion over skittish funk licks. Flips its lid into gnarled nightmarish territory on a whim, and closes off with an emphatic “OI!” Dizzyingly, good.


Carly Rae Jepsen : Cut To The Feeling

I kinda understand the fandom behind Carly Rae Jepsen’s EMOTION. It’s a decent pop album. The exaggerated, but isolated, praise feels a bit hollow, and in a meta way, as if more persevering hollow adoration will make it less hollow. Offcut record EMOTION Side B wasn’t a decent pop album. In fact, parts of it are pretty shithouse. Cut To The Feeling is yet another offcut, and yet another decent but not spectacular arrangement of melody and not much else.