Singles With Lachlan: Methyl Ethel, Horror My Friend and More

Pinch punch first day of the month! Haha but seriously fight fascism and punch any Nazi scumbags you might come across cheers.

Single Of The Week

Methyl Ethel : Ubu

Sit Ubu sit. Good song.


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever : French Press

I’m a sucker for deft wordplay, and “I’ve been reading the French press” is a ripper turn of phrase. The misdirection-as-detachment works, spinning apparent meaninglessness into meaning. It breezes along, threatening to explode into a communal chorus, but abstains. It doesn’t need to launch in that direction, just letting the prose breathe.


Jamiroquai : Automaton

Jamiroquai have been out of the limelight for yonks, possibly researching ways to make Jay Kay’s hat less problematic. Now they’re back, with a new hat. The new hat is quite hi-tech. The fins fan out, and then streamline. It has lights. The trade-off here is that Jay Kay now dances and sings like a robot. The track is a fucking mess, right up until its ‘80s dork-rap breakdown. Lose the Daft Punk cosplay and get loose, dammit.


Horror My Friend : DIYS

When it finds a clearing, DIYS makes the most of its breathing space. Sells itself short by overcooking the distortion so loud it’d make Rick Rubin cum in his shorts. Or beard.