Singles With Lachlan: Methyl Ethel, Babaganouj and More

I’m still profusely vomiting from Oscars Fever, baby!

Single Of The Week

Methyl Ethel : L'Heure des Sorcières

Perth’s Methyl Ethel again ascend to dizzying heights, fleshing out into a festival-sized arrangement on L'Heure des Sorcières, indulging in brilliant, cascading flair. New LP Everything Is Forgotten arrives this week.


Calvin Harris Feat. Frank Ocean & Migos : Slide

Cross-genre heavyweights link up for a breezy tilt at song of the summer 2k17, falling short of mustering a spark to ignite a runaway hit. It’s good enough, but with these names attached, good enough isn’t good enough, y’know? It’s good to hear Frankie couple with (electronic) drums once more, not that the dearth of percussion was a detriment to Blonde.


Heads Of Charm : Ok Yes Please

Creeping with detached and deranged menace, Ok Yes Please threatens to explode – meticulous in its approach as it conducts controlled detonations.


Babaganouj : Star

Gnarly riff-work and some J Mascis-esque noodling elevates Star into somewhere between ‘quite good’ and ‘a bit spesh’. Just when you think there’s nothing left in the tank, all the elements conspire for a boost to the finish line. A good time was had by all.