Singles With Lachlan: Lorde, Poppongene and More

Can someone ask Nintendo to send me a Switch and new Zelda and I’ll review it for next week’s column cheers.

Single Of The Week

Lorde : Green Light

Folks, it’s a banger. Green Light holds onto Lorde’s initial exploration of overbearing mundanity, eeriness sublimating into rollicking triumph. Lorde has become a pop superstar in the past three years, and this is her taking it in her stride – still daring to take risks, walking the tightrope between intimacy and mystery. The stage is set for album number two, Melodrama.


Batpiss : Weatherboard Man

Painting a searing, unforgiving landscape, Weatherboard Man is a tough slog, but a rewarding one at that. There’s no shout-y vocal, hushed in either reverence or defeat to nature. Akin to Gaz Liddiard’s work, so it’s no shock to see his production credit here.


The Drums : Blood Under My Belt

Now in solo mode, The Drums dampen surf-rock tendencies in favour of a touch of Smiths worship, keeping the balance between Moz and Marr in check. It’s no imitation, either, and comes off all the stronger for it.


Poppongene : Esky

Dropping a summer anthem just as summer wraps up is a bold move, and Poppongenepulls it off with breezy effervescence. A ripper live act, too. Catch ‘em if you have the chance.