Singles With Lachlan: Lorde, Foo Fighters & More

Feeling the winter chill? Why not warm up with some ‘live music’. PSA brought to you by me: da fweakin gig pig. Oink Oink.

Single Of The Week

Lorde : Perfect Places

Lorde is backing herself for something special on album number two, each single so far well and truly hitting the mark. Like Sia’s Chandelier, Perfect Places functions as a party anthem emboldened by nuanced despair. “All of our heroes fading” cuts to the core. It all comes together for something genuine, a bit deep, also just a little dash of silliness.


Foo Fighters : Run

Funny that this song is called Run, because I sure do want to ‘run’ away from my speakers when it plays… and ‘run’ to the servo and pick up a Tidal gift card so I can blast this sucker in full hi-bitrate streaming. Only to make the following assessment: this isn’t very good and sounds like Mastodon’s weakest moments in its strongest moments, and like featherweight reality show soundtrack fodder for the rest of it.


GL : Destiny

Initially, Destiny has the markings of a DJ Mustard-style production. The nostalgia switch is then flipped, clearing into an irresistible groove guided by Ella Thompson’s powerhouse vocal. It’s a rush, without quite reaching saccharine levels. Digging it.

Arcade Fire : 
Everything Now

Remember how on Funeral all the best songs were slow and brooding at the start and then right at the end they got all upbeat and fun? Everything Now does that, but the slow bit is just a small part at the start. It’s a simple disco romp, with ABBA obviously the foremost reference point. Lacks the emotional depth of ABBA’s finest, but it still makes a potent launch-pad for Arcade Fire’s over-reaching conceptual ambition. It uses a few cheap tricks, but the magic is making them not feel cheap.