Singles With Lachlan: Leah Senior, Billy Davis & The Good Lords & more

It’s gonna be May. Better wake up the dude from Green Day!

Leah Senior : Pretty Faces

A deft meditation on the philosophy of beauty, Pretty Faces is a delicately constructed throwback to golden era folk, without ever coming across as derivative. The title track from Leah Senior’s upcoming second album does everything in the right measure, captivating in its sparseness. A genuine heart is bared, and Pretty Faces resonates as such. 


Mikey Young : Socks

Throughout the course of his synth explorations in various guises in the past few years, Mikey Young has invariably showcased an ability to snap into a solid groove. The knack for groove has carried over to Young’s debut release under his own name, gulping more fresh air than shown on the relatively claustrophobic mood of Lace Curtain and early Total Control. Nothing immediate or spectacular, more so a satisfying cruise.


Billy Davis & The Good Lords : Ball And Chain

There’s a dynamic here reminiscent of Estelle and Kanye’s American Boy. Which is a compliment, because American Boy is a huge, huge tune. Ball And Chain is a bop, but there’s a certain lack of storytelling nuance in depicting the obsessive-broken-heart narrative.


Perfume Genius : Go Ahead


Go Ahead starts off broken. Beaten. It picks itself up on its feet throughout its course, gradually flashing triumph as it dances. A marionette with tangled strings, still managing to muster grace. Something even more potent in its stunted grace.