Singles with Lachlan: Kirin J Callinan, Alex Lahey & more

The Australian government should bankroll There’s Something About Mary 2 as a ruse to finally lure Jonathan Richman back here.

Single Of The Week
Kirin J Callinan ft Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis & Jimmy Barnes : Big Enough

You can count the dozens of questionable stylistic decisions that went into Big Enough’s ingredient list, and wonder how anyone of them passed a taste test down the food chain. It’s a hideous clash of equal parts Morricone and Guetta. The devices are cheap, but the energy is real. Barnsey’s wail is confronting and ridiculous, but it’s, objectively, a powerful and impressive force. There’s heart in the duelling narrative between Kirin and Alex, unifying for wry genius in the final verse of global shout-outs. None of it sounds real, but that doesn’t withhold it from being real. Big Enough is undeniably brash in a time that calls for anything but. When all feels lost, look to the sky. Ol’ Jim Barnes might be there. There’s wisdom in his incomprehensible scream.
LCD Soundsystem : tonite

Scepticism of new LCD Soundsystem remained at the beginning of the band’s return to Melbourne last month, until they performed tonite. Energised, with a renewed urgency – even if James Murphy still highlights inopportune syllables with feathered falsetto.
Alex Lahey : Every Day’s The Weekend

There’s a longstanding, trite beers ‘n’ bongs party-hard sentiment still rife throughout Australian garage pop. Rising above that to an extent, Alex Lahey uses the “fuck work every day’s the weekend” mentality as a metaphor for relationships and unrequited emotional connection. It’s reminiscent of Japandroids, though not quite reaching the depth of longing in lyrical nuance, or the heights of compensatory triumph through catchy “Woah-oh-ah-oh-oh” moments.  Threatens to be spectacular, but plays it a little too safe.