Singles With Lachlan: Kira Puru, Kaiit, and more

If any guitar pop bands cover the Forest Kingdom Super Mario Odyssey theme it will crack the Hottest 100.

Single Of The Week

Kira Puru : Tension

As of writing, the highest placed local track on the ARIA singles charts is old mate Vance Joy, clocking in at number 40. Ten songs have hit number one this year, none of them Australian, which is a bit cooked. Not gonna pretend I know how the machinations work, but ‘Tension’ should be in for a solid crack with its world-class pop smarts in the mould of Pharrell and JT. The bassline on the chorus is medicinal grade. Predicting this will be a slow-burner of a hit, one placement on a romantic drama series away from mainstream dominance.


Kaiit : 2000 n Somethin

Kaiit pretty much has single of the year on lock with ‘Natural Woman’, following it up with more supreme excellence in ‘2000 n Somethin’ – a chilled out R&B meditation with Kaiit in full singing mode, despite her established talent as a rapper. Musical nourishment. Two released tracks in, Kaiit isn’t just showing promise, she’s delivering. And then some. The stage is set for Golden Plains next year.


The Presets : Do What You Want

Awful bold of The Presets to pitch their track as a techno Aussie pub rock song in a world where Par-T-One vs INXS – ‘I’m So Crazy’ already exists, yet a fair dose of daring embellishments result in ‘Do What You Want’ congealing for a satisfying return from The Presets.

Freya Josephine Hollick : 
Tough As A Sundried Dead Man’s Skin

Honky-tonk barroom swagger emboldens the playfully morbid approach on ‘Tough As A Sundried Dead Man’s Skin’, from rising country star Freya Josephine Hollick. Grit and grace, in good measure.