Singles With Lachlan: Katie Dey, Tropical Fuck Storm, and more

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Single Of The Week

Katie Dey : Data

Arranged as a piano ballad that almost sounds conventional by Katie Dey’s standards, yet far from conventional if we go by conventional standards, the closest analogue there is for ‘Data’ is definitely Britney’s ‘Everytime’. It’s Katie Dey’s most human-sounding track yet, belying, or compounding, the subject matter. Beauty through augmented humanity.


Tropical Fuck Storm : You Let My Tyres Down

The latest in a string of 7" releases, this one heralding news of debut album A Laughing Death In Meatspace, ‘You Let My Tyres Down’ provides an outlet for Gareth Liddiard’s snarled storytelling in the form of poetic suburban musings. The risk in portraying mundanity is in the portrayal itself meeting the same fate, and Liddiard’s ham-fisted class signifiers shoot blanks from the barrel.


Cable Ties : Tell Them Where To Go

There’s a gleefully demonic bent to this mini-marathon belter, Cable Ties’ trademark rollicking momentum here pressurised with a laser-guided focus. It’s a call to arms, inspired by Girls Rock! workshops, coming together as a case for doing as Cable Ties say, and doing as they do, too. The only thing that could let this song down is if it doesn’t get a full Twisted Sister ‘I Wanna Rock’ video treatment.


Suss Cunts : Temper

A decent three-minute sojourn, ‘Temper’ in fact comes across as quite level-headed, despite its title (temper as verb, perhaps). Feels like it could be lacking the Suss Cunts established spark, their brash witticisms muted throughout a fairly standard garage-rock ditty.