Singles with Lachlan: Hexdebt, St Vincent & more

Do you need to have seen Gaga: Five Foot One in order to get Gaga: Five Foot Two?

Single of the week:Hexdebt : Bitch Rising 
<a href="http://hexdebt.bandcamp.com/track/bitch-rising" data-mce-href="http://hexdebt.bandcamp.com/track/bitch-rising">Bitch Rising by HEXDEBT</a>Foreboding menace and power swirls from the outset on Bitch Rising, aligning for a perpetually escalating crescendo that keeps you guessing as to where to from here – the pay-off being a blindsiding run of blistering, Sabbath-like fury. The cultivated pressure feels like pop rivets bulleting from a rocket chassis, exploding while retaining structural integrity amongst the rallying chant of “My boyfriend’s friends never liked me”. Get down to The Tote to catch the EP launch, October 6.
St VincentLos Ageless 
Look, the titular pun is a stretch, and it’s a line call as to whether Annie Clark pulls it off, but the refrain of “How can anyone have you and lose you / And not lose their mind too” does more than enough to compensate. Playfulness is kept in check by a smouldering cool. Following the sparse New York, Los Ageless is another indication that St Vincent has been sharpening up on a whetstone of pop for upcoming album MASSEDUCTION. The air of drastic reinvention is a farce – these elements have always been present – but the dynamic of a plastic sheen to Clark’s most honest lyricisms yet present a compelling dynamic.
Princess Nokia : Flava
Landing with gigantic impact from a concise blow, Flava lays a hydrogen-bombastic foundation for Princess Nokia to wield triplet bars with clinical precision. Brevity leaves you wanting more, which is what debut album 1992 Deluxe delivers.