Singles With Lachlan: Hex, Marlon Williams, and more

When I was ten years old I trusted a preview of Nagano Winter Olympics for Nintendo 64 hyping it as the best sports game ever and since then I’ve learnt to never trust critics. Except, uh, you can trust this column. Of course.

Single Of The Week

Hex : Sight Beyond The Line

A brooding opus, ‘Sight Beyond The Line’ swirls its concoction with menacing slink and incantations. It threatens to erupt, instead moving in gargantuan waves, dark harmony, and gnarly guitar lines – balancing between natural and supernatural. A satisfying dose of heaviness from New Zealand’s DIY underground.


Straight Arrows : Out & Down

Enduring garage scrappers Straight Arrows haven’t flipped the script throughout their existence. In fact the script has barely been nudged. Which is perfectly fine. ‘Out & Down’ sounds like it could’ve found a home on 2010 album It’s Happening if it chucked the echo on vox instead of guitar. A good time.


Ausmuteants : Horny World

The art of ‘Horny World’ lies in a decidedly unsexy depiction of lust ‘n’ libido, depraved and detached in the quest for a perfunctory root in the modern age. Animalistic bordering on demonic. Gets the job done as quick as possible, and little more. I think that’s the point.


Marlon Williams : What’s Chasing You

Marlon Williams’ shift away from alt-country into crooner-pop territory pays off, and then some, on the delightful earworm that is ‘What’s Chasing You’. Playfulness in perfect measure.