Singles with Lachlan: Habits, Cut Copy & More

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Single Of The Week

Habits : Shame/Desire

As if condensing stadium-sized dance into a basement, HABITS contain a blown-out scale majesty with allure and intimacy. Dark, operatic flourish acts as puppet strings connected to elements both sensual and world-ending. Dizzyingly arresting while brandishing capability for dancefloor frenzy.


Cut Copy : Standing In The Middle Of A Field

A pleasant meditation on relative minimalism, Standing In The Middle Of A Field relishes mellowness as a virtue, threatening a build along the lines of Zonoscope opener Need You Now. There’s little in the way of a clearly defined pay-off, shying away from the unabashed euphoria of Free Your Mind. Fair to say its strength would lie in the context that follows on the upcoming album Haiku From Zero.  


Marlon Williams : Vampire Again

Silly, without being outrageous, when perhaps it could do with being a little outrageous. Marlon’s vampire goes on a mildly demented jaunt, requesting windows be left open. It’s all quite tame. Warren Zevon’s werewolf was howlin’ up a storm in London, mutilating lil’ old ladies. Vampire Again fails to rise above mere charm, and as such, the stakes never feel high.


Neil Finn : More Than One Of You

Old mate Neil Finn is live streaming performances each Friday arvo and, if I’m understanding this correctly, recording an album of new material in the process. It could be a gimmicky scenario, but there’s more than enough class here to compensate. More Than One Of You is a lovely piano and strings ballad, lushness compounding sentiment, without getting too sentimental.