Singles With Lachlan: Divide & Dissolve, Missy Elliot & More

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Single Of The Week

Divide & Dissolve : Black Vengeance

Listening to Divide & Dissolve on headphones is a bit more comfortable than watching Divide & Dissolve in a 40-degree Tote bandroom. But that’s not to say it’s comfortable, it’s discomfort without aggression, yet still achieving an immense scale of power. New album BASIC is out March. Catch this live, if you can.


Missy Elliot : I’m Better

This is exactly what we need from Missy in 2017, parlaying her legacy with the styles she’s influenced since her prime. This isn’t a ploy to recapture former glory, it’s a tilt at future-modern glory. And it works.


Future Islands : Ran

Future Island’s recorded material is always decent, but rarely revelatory. Ran adds a bit of cheese to the mix via synths. It won’t blow your mind, but it’s a nice groove. As is their wont, Future Islands unleash their potency in the live setting. Tipping a Splendour appearance this year might be on the cards to showcase just that.


Mac Demarco : This Old Dog

Maccy continues down the path of showing an old soul in a young bloke’s body, refining his ability for genuinely nuanced introspection with increasingly more traditional folk songwriting. He’s not up there with his compatriot forbearer Gordon Lightfoot, but shit, he’s giving it a solid crack.