Singles With Lachlan: Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile, Kllo and more

This finals series I am going for no teams, only Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin.

Single Of The Week

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile : Over Everything

From the opening tautological quadruple whammy delivered with Vile’s disarming drawl, Over Everything glides as a shared love-letter to music’s purpose. Little topographical alteration is required for a comfortable middle ground for Barnett and Vile, their respective off-kilter charms fostering the slight dissonance between traded lines. A calming bliss prevails, feathering with slight hints of wry silliness. New collaborative album Lotta Sea Lice due out this October.


John Maus : The Combine

John Maus is back, sounding like John Maus, replete with soaring choral backing and a cool bell. Blaring synth-lines exude detached conquest, never redlining into overwhelming force. It’s as if Maus never left – a six-year absence vaporised without undue fanfare. Good stuff. Good bell.


Kllo : Downfall

Downfall generates energy from the conflict between adrenaline-tinged production and the heavenly space of Chloe Kaul’s vocals, clearing into a devastatingly effective chorus. It’s a shift, embracing a more melancholic strain of pop to stretch beyond the constrictions of electronica.


Jeremy Neale : Dancin’ And Romancin’

Jeremy Neale’s adept ear for power pop sensibility goes into overdrive on Dancin’ And Romancin’, hitting the mark with throwback-to-‘80s riffs and throwback-to-‘50s sentiment. These moments cut through a congestion of straight-faced ideas, left wanting for just a glint of subversion.